Turn Heads This Holiday Season

November 9th, 2017 by

The holiday season is upon us already, Mercedes-Benz has an offer on the best of the bunch, the glamorous E400 Coupe.
With perfect proportions, the E400 have a low roofline, long wheelbase to the three-dimensional grill and the taillights that wrap around the smooth flanks, the lines blend seamlessly into one complete and flawless vehicle.
While the coupe wears the E-Class name, it shares little with its four-door siblings. The two share virtually no body panels, the coupe gets a completely different set of clothes. It rides on a shortened version of the same platform. The wheelbase is 66 mm shorter than the sedan but 112 mm longer than the outgoing coupe. Overall length is up 123 mm and both front and rear tracks are 70 mm wider, adding to the overall hunkered down impression.
The design is outdone and the interior is stunning with vast smooth leather and real wood finishing. From the moment you step inside, you know you are in a unique atmosphere. Not only is this car cool, but its heating is incredible, from the heated seat and armrests to the steering wheel you have nothing to fear in the winter season. The wide-open space combined with panoramic sunroof gives a simulating convertible feel.
Set to your mood with 64 colour choices of ambient lighting. Speaking of lights, the headlights can be left on and will automatically switch off when close to another vehicle.
Just in time for the holidays the Mercedes-Benz E400 Coupe is the perfect package.
Source: 2018 Mercedes E400 Coupe perfect ride for those who want to turn heads


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